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Dry Ice Blasting

Since the beginning of this millennium Aquila Triventek have been offering high-performance, affordable cleaning machines. The latest Triblast-3 Model BL60 is offering all features from soft cleaning using low pressure and low dry ice consumption, to fast and aggressive cleaning at high pressure and increased dry ice flow (up to 200 kg/hour).

Dry ice cleaning allows for:

  • Cleaning machinery on site with MINIMAL DOWN-TIME COSTS
  • Cleaning without water or chemicals - NO SECONDARY RESIDUES
  • Cleaning without abrasiveness - NO DAMAGE - NO WEAR


Dry Ice Production

Aquila Triventek has specialized in small, efficient and affordable dry ice production equipment solutions for small and medium sized companies that need dry ice as close to the point of usage as possible.

The Aquila Triventek Pelletizer PE80 uses patented technology to give the user the benefits of dry ice on tap in terms of availability and great flexibility. The Pelletizer can produce not only the unique 1.7mm pellets but also 2.0mm and 3.0mm pellets as well as Dry Ice nuggets in 8mm and 16mm sizes.

By using the also patented Triventek Recovery Units which recover revert gas you will obtain the lowest production costs and highest minimization of CO2 wastage. You can recapture, reliquify and SAVE up to 1 TON of CO2 for each TON of dry ice, thus reducing the waste down to merely 500 to 800 kg.

In other words, in order to produce 1 TON of dry ice you normally need approximately from 2.5 to 2.8 TONS of liquid CO2 This implies a waste of 1.5 to 1.8 tons of CO2 that are vented to the atmosphere, as gas.

The last new release is the unique patented pellets to block reformer, where Triventek has turned the traditional block into a 200g circular puck, which is not only much easier to dose but also packed and wrapped for better health and safety for the operator. We have developed a unique calculator which calculates the correct amount of Dry Ice to be applied for a shipment based on ambient temperature and transportation time.READ MORE

High Pressure Cleaning

Aquila was established in 1979 in Middelfart.
We started as the first in Europe to produce mobile High pressure cleaners mounted on trailers. Since 1986 we have been among the largest manufacturers of high pressure cleaners in Europe. A position we have managed to keep ever since.
The reason for the great success is amongst other our ability to always be a step ahead, especially on the environmental issue.

Aquila were the first with:

  • Trailer based mobile High Pressure Cleaners.
  • Flexible oil heating solutions that heats the water independently of the engine RPM*.
    *As a product of Aquila's extensive experience with flexible oil burner solutions and environmental solutions, Aquila has developed the hardware and software for NCC's SPUMA concept which is thermal weed control without the use of pesticides.
  • Special machines with Ultra-high temperatures, made for graffiti removal.
  • Environmental high pressure cleaners, that recycle up to 95% of the water, which also makes it possible to clean both indoors and outdoors without splash.

Furthermore we are also specialized in tailor-made machines, constructed after the request of our customers.READ MORE

Duct Cleaning

Productive, Professional and Profitable.
Aquila Triventek engineers have been building, and using, duct cleaning equipment since 1982, and in this market experience counts. We help make ductwork maintenance productive, professional and profitable.

Hygiene in ventilation systems and the condition of kitchen exhaust ducting can be properly inspected and recorded using high quality inspection tools. Trunking can be decontaminated effectively and efficiently with labour-saving rotary brush systems. Air ducts can be quickly cleaned with clever but simple, Jetvent compressed air equipment.

Powerful, portable extraction systems ensure outstanding results and the multi-platform TDB robot is capable of tackling any job, including remote cleaning, spray coating and disinfection treatment. Aquila Triventek Duct Cleaning Equipment operates worldwide and is a specialist division of Aquila Triventek A/S which also manufactures low cost, innovative dry ice manufacturing and blast cleaning equipment as well as high end professional high pressure cleaning equipment.READ MORE


Aquila Triventek is one of the world leading manufacturers of professional equipment for high pressure cleaning, Dry Ice Blasting, Duct Cleaning and Dry Ice Production for process, cool chain and logistics sectors.

The Aquila Triventek Equipment is developed and designed for industrial performance, highest flexibility, environment and sustainability in mind.

The people behind our equipment have an average experience of more than 10 years.

Aquila Triventek has more than 35 years of experience and know-how with professional equipment for a cleaner world.


Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is a unique way of cleaning. It allows you to clean places, there is normally not possible, without using any kind of water or chemicals. READ MORE

Dry Ice Production

With the Aquila Triventek Pelletizer, you will have the benefits of “Dry Ice on tap” in terms of availability and great flexibility. READ MORE

High Pressure Cleaning

Aquila gets the job done.

With our many different applications and wide range of accessories, there’s no job too advanced for an Aquila High Pressure Cleaner. READ MORE

Duct Cleaning

Aquila Triventek offers a wide range of professional Duct Cleaning Equipment that will make ductwork maintenance productive, professional and profitable. READ MORE


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